Whether letting your home as a way of enabling you to move without selling or if you have bought an investment property – both require experience and expertise to help you to achieve the best outcome.

We will explain the regulations required by law and your responsibilities as a landlord.

How can we help you let your property quickly?


Ask yourself these questions before you let your property…


We suggest you have answers to the following questions to help match your property to the right tenant:

  • How long do you want to let your property for?
  • What are all the current costs of running your property?
  • Do you have any guarantees on the property we should be aware of?
  • Have you been issued with electrical or gas safety certificates and do you have the relevant information on how to work heating and appliances?



Taking this information into consideration, our lettings experts will:



1. Survey your home to work out what work is required to let the property legally and to complete a full letting valuation.
2. Explain what’s happening in your current local market.
3. Discuss the achievable rent.
4. Advise on any changes you could make to the property to increase its rental potential.


In addition we will help you understand how to be a landlord, your responsibilities and tenant rights…