Women in Property & Management Industries

What does being a modern day woman working in the property lettings and management industry look like?

From where I stand a great opportunity to bring some soft gentle feminine energy in and make a difference to the profession in a humanistic, sensitive way without being woo woo!
From a baptism of fire, purchasing my first investment property for £23k, excitedly opening the front door only to come face to face with 6 drink and drug-fuelled squatters in – it was not the start to property lettings and management I had hoped or planned for.
Deflated initially, I had to turn the situation around, never in a million years did I think I would learn the most important lesson of my life during the 6 weeks that followed
5 of the 6 “lads” actually ended up renovating the property with me and one of them continued renting it for 7 years when it was completed. They also put me on the road to success in so many ways. I mortgaged the property 6 weeks from having the keys for £98k making an amazing profit to reinvest, not only in property but the lads too.
All of them getting back into retraining or work, finding homes and a definite direction, makes my heart sing even now. I was off from that point, but running a very successful property management company with a huge difference has been a journey certainly not for the faint-hearted, nor fair maiden!

Values were carved in stone and my ethos made clear, HONESTY INTEGRITY AND TRANSPARENCY – Mac The Property Company was born. A lettings and property management company with a difference.
Vision To make a difference to some one’s life every single day no matter what.
How? This was taken care of simply managing my own portfolio initially, the more I bought properties at auction houses, the more potential landlords asked for advice and help naturally progressing to the management of their properties too, from 17 properties in the first month to a profitable business that grew wings was not what I had ever envisioned.
Random acts of kindness grew like a giant within, daily conversations happened to start with others journeys and my reply:
How can we make your life better Mrs/Mr Landlord/ Property purchaser or Mr/Mrs/Miss Tenant? THEN doing it – whatever it was for that person, from simply listening to doing something they needed that was really important to them. It wasn’t a job, it was, is and always will be a great honour to serve the property community.
Business flowed in like a raging river with no advertising, no promoting just a determination to make the difference, I wasn’t in competition with anyone else just wanting to stand out as doing things with love, compassion, honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Moving forwards to 2 years ago the vision got bigger, to rehome/ educate/ guide but most of all to nurture Venerable Adults that needed to relocate or simply be given a break. As a result of generous donations from landlords purchasing the houses in the areas we needed to have them, local communities, TV personalities with contacts that have volunteered to do work on properties for no charge or recognition and even those that have little but still gave items of clothing, curtains, a pot or a pan, who have got behind the MAC Vision and successfully in the last 11 months alone, relocated / rehomed 12 venerable adults (some with children, some without), got behind their educational needs to get them back into workplace, emotionally and physically supported them to be their best selves is our privilege that doesn’t stop when they become MAC tenants. When we support the tenant they look after the property, pay the rent on time and seldom move out, Happy tenant = Happy Landlord and a big smile on my face at the end of each day no matter what time it ends.

It doesn’t stop there as many of these wonderful people themselves start to pay it forward to the community that supported them when they needed help most.
MAC’s legacy was born with the 6 lads with a vision but no one to believe in them or a roof over their heads they could call home.
Mac The Property Co – where your property is our priority, changing people’s lives one day at a time.

Thank you for your time reading this my first ever blog!